Argento fans look out, Anchor Bay is not finished yet!

Dario Argento fans have been absolutely pleased with Anchor Bay’s recent release of four of the director’s films. These four film hardly do justice to the long track record of this cult director and producer. Many of you will be pleased to hear that Anchor Bay is currently in negotiations for the rights of more of Dario Argento’s movies.
Unfortunately his most anticipated film, Suspiria will not be among them. At first it seemed 20th Century Fox had perpetual rights to the film, but through strange circumstances the rights to “Suspiria” have somehow been licensed to Fox Lorber now. No information is available whether Fox Lorber has any plans to release the film on DVD.

Nevertheless expect Anchor Bay to bring you many more uncut and uncensored Dario Argento films in the months to come.

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