The real deal on the Saving Private Ryan DVD

As many of you have heard by now, Dreamworks Home Video is preparing their Academy Award winning Saving Private Ryan for release on VHS rental cassettes in May.

Many rumors have sprung up ever since as to whether the film will also find a DVD release in May. We have been able to find out that this is not the case, while also learning from Dreamworks directly what is really going on.

Dreamworks have just started preparations for a DVD of “Saving Private Ryan” and are currently in the early stages of material collection. Currently
the company is hopeful to have a release of the film on DVD day&date with the film’s VHS sell-through later this year, but ultimately this is Steven Spielberg ‘s call. Having said that, the release date is obviously also depending on how well progress on the Special Edition is made. Dreamworks has released some of the best discs in the market and creating this kind of content takes considerable time, especially with the busy schedules of some of the people involved.

So let’s keep our fingers crossed and of course we will keep you posted about how progress is made on the release.

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