The first DVD-Audio Authoring Systems are now shipping

The DVD Audio standard has been approved by the DVD Forum only some two weeks ago and already Sonic Solutions, market leader in DVD authoring systems, is now shipping the first DVD Audio authoring systems, consisting of the company’s Sonic DVD AV Workstation and OneClick DVD™. The new systems represent an exciting and unique addition to the SonicStudio HD™ product line that is designed to easily handle the requirements of the new audio formats such as DVD-Audio.

DVD-Audio is the next-generation consumer audio format that extends the wildly successful DVD-Video format into a very high-quality musical experience. DVD-Audio enhances consumer audio with 24-bit, uncompressed digital audio at high-resolution sampling rates of 96kHz and 192kHz, and surrounds listeners with the realism of multi-channel High-Density Audio™. It also provides an interactive interface for the listener, such as real-time text, on-screen slide shows graphics, menus, and integrated digital video.

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