Take a look at Warner’s “You’ve Got Mail” menus

As we had reported earlier, Warner Home Video are set to release the romantic comedy You’ve Got Mail on DVD on May 4. Now the good folks over at Warner have sent us some screenshots of some of the menu screens found on the disc for your viewing pleasure. Please click on the image to the left for a full view on a number of menu screens from this exciting upcoming release. One of them is a look at the interactive map of New York’s Upper West Side with selectable clips enabling viewers to retrace the steps of the movie’s characters

“You’ve Got Mail” will be the first Warner Home Video DVD release featuring specialized DVD-ROM content which will allow romantic comedy buffs to compare many of the film’s scenes with those of earlier classics that inspired them. It will also allow you to enter dedicated chat rooms on the Internet and give you access to web greeting cards and more.

“You’ve Got Mail” will also contain a number of traditional supplements, such as interviews, commentaries and other special features, as well as a number of new features, such as productioncall sheets, enabling users to learn how specific scenes were arranged before taking them directly to these scenes in the movie.

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