Sony’s new playstation will feature a DVD drive

A short snippet found in the LA Times today brings news about the next Playstation generation with a little detail that had been rumored around the industry for a VERY long time. As a mtter of fact, I was very surprised during last year’s E3 show that Sony had not announced the DVD capabilities back then. Here’s the article for your reading pleasure.

Sony Computer Entertainment announced technical specifications for its next-generation video game console–the company’s latest effort to maintain its lead in the video game market. The Foster City, Calif.-based company, the video game unit of Japan’s Sony Corp., would not discuss the look or price of the unit, known unofficially as PlayStation II, and scheduled for U.S. release in 2000. It will be four times more powerful than the current PlayStation. The enhanced computing power of its processor will allow more realistic games, said Sony Computer Entertainment executive Kazuo Hirai. PlayStation II will store data on DVD-ROM discs; the current PlayStation stores data on a
CD-ROM disc. All games sold for the old system will be
compatible with the updated console.

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