QPS Introduces Que! DVD-RAM Drive for Apple G3 and PC

QPS Inc. was just releasing information about the launch of the Que!, a DVD-RAM drive Apple G3 and PC desktop computers. With a storage capacity of 5.2 GB the drive can help managing huge amounts of data, as demanded by today’s workplace. It is ideal for desktop publishing, archiving and presentations and allows to store video information for fullscreen playback on television sets or computer monitors. The drive utilizes an enhanced caching technique for read/write throughput to achieve a maximum transfer rate of 16.6 MB/sec.

Priced at $799 (MSRP) for the external drive, and $699 (MSRP) for the internal drive, the Que! DVD-RAM drive is ready to install and includes mastering software for Windows 95/98, Windows NT or Mac software, one 5.2 GB rewritable DVD-RAM media, and an optional SCSI or ATAPI interface.

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