Palm Pictures releases Fabulous Story of the Cuban Cigar

On May 25 Palm Pictures will release The Fabulous Story of the
Cuban Cigar
as told by the people who are experts in growing some of the finest tasting tobacco the world has ever known. Finally, their meticulous tobacco cultivation has achieved worldwide recognition, even worship, among connoisseurs.

In the Caribbean island of Cuba, people are separated by the valleys and an
ocean, but brought together around a stick of rolled tobacco leaf. Each
valley has a different flavor of tobacco, which adds to the history of the
land’s legendary smoke. The best Cuban cigars undergo more than 171
processes from the plantation to the humidity-free and hand crafted cigar
box. In former times, there were 1,500 factories, but today, there are no
more than twenty who produce the extraordinary smoke.

Many cigar experts speak about the story of the Puro, taking us back to the
time when Europeans first met the Cuban Indians to when Christopher
Columbus had his first puff. The Havana cigar mystique is that each cigar
maker cultivates an individual method for making the best cigar. This
documentary film highlights the work of the people and the
behind-the-scenes expertise which goes into creating the worlds best cigar.

The release will hit streets on May 25 in English with optional subtitles at a suggested retail price of $19.95.

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