Here’s Warner’s May line-up – including the next $14.95 wave

We just got details about Warner Home Video’s upcoming DVD releases, slated for release on May 25. Apart from a number of regular releases, Warner is also shipping another slate of their $14.95 budget titles. Without extras and additional language tracks, these discs come in pan & scan transfers – except for one at a very attractive $14.95 price point.

The regular release list includes titles like Action Jackson, the long awaited Joel Coen comedy The Hudsucker Proxy and two Steven Seagal actioners On Deadly Ground and Out For Justice. Warner is also re-releaseing Bonnie And Clyde on May 25 in a remastered version, featuring a 16×9 enhanced and a pan & scan transfer of the film. Unfortunately no feature details for the releases are available at this point, but we’ll sure keep you posted.

Also, HBO is releasing the Bob Hope musicals They Got Me Covered and The Princess and the Pirate on May 25, as well as Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Kickboxer.

Please check our
Release Schedule for further details and an exact title listing of these and other new releases announcements.

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