Here’s some interestring news from Anchor Bay

As Anchor Bay is starting to roll out the Disney titles on DVD they licensed some time ago, it is interesting to see that all of these titles contain letterboxed and pan&scan transfers. Take a look at the specs for The Black Hole or the Cat From Outer Space and you know what we’re talking about.

We have been talking to Anchor Bay to find out if this is a trend the company wants to pursue in the future and we found out that for selected titles – mainly the ones that reach within the mass market appeal – Anchor Bay will indeed include both version on their future releases. The upcoming “Two-Lane Blacktop” and “Return To Oz” will even come on dual layer discs to allow selection of the version to watch without having to flip the disc.

We also got word on some of the upcoming releases from Anchor Bay. For July and August expect “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, William Castles’ “I Saw What You Did” and the “Tilogy Of Terror”. We’ll keep you posted, of course, as more details come in.

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