Good news for gamers… Psygnosis announces new DVD games title

Psygnosis, a computer games company well known for its stunning visual presentations, has just announced Lander, the company’s first DVD game for release in late March.

Delivering MPEG 2 full-motion video sequences with Dolby® Digital 5.1 channel music as well as in-game audio and interleaving sound effects to game players for the first time, “Lander”
offers a truly interactive and theatrical experience of both sight and sound to the world of PC games. “Lander” is also optimized to allow gamers play the DVD movies and trailers in the game on a DVD movie player or they can just listen to the gorgeous sound track using the same game disc.

“Lander” is a game involving an incredible journey across the solar system to seek your fortune. However, when you are hired to undertake a supposedly scientific expedition, a series of deep space industrial contacts starting with an ancient Mayan site on Earth, an artifact is discovered — an extra-terrestrial object left by some unknown civilization.

The game offers 30 different missions allowing for plenty of action to show off your flying and tracking skills. Gripping, movie-quality FMV sequences will help draw the player ever further into the game.

“Lander” will represent an enormous number of environments, all of them technically and physically accurate and will include ice, fire and lava, water, cities, fortifications, jungles, caves, tunnels, slime, deserts, sandstorms and fog. Extensive use lighting will
illustrate the effects of the sun and moons across the planets and an eerie, futuristic sound-track underscores the mood.

“Lander” will also feature a variety of different multi-player game modes, allowing up to 8 players over a LAN network or the Internet.

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