Disney is taking on The Faculty in additional June releases

We just got word from Buena Vista Home Video that there are additions to their June line-up that we had presented you before the weekend.

The Faculty is coming to DVD day & date with its VHS counterpart on June 15. “The Faculty” is an action packed horror film in which students suspect that their teachers are aliens. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, this film is a great addition to their current line-up.

Also on June 15, we will see the release of the Will Smith and Gene Hackman actioner Enemy Of The State. This action thriller in which a lawyer becomes a target by a corrupt politician and his NSA goons when he accidently receives key evidence to a serious politically motivated crime will also hit the shelves of your retail store day & date with VHS on June 15.

As we had announced some time ago, Buena Vista is indeed starting to open the throttle quite a bit, and line up a large number of monthly DVD releases.
Despite the rumors found on some ends, Halloween: H20 will not find a DVD release in June. Expect the title to hit the streets later in the year however.

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