Creative Labs release next generation 6x DVD-ROM drive

Expanding its line of award-winning PC-DVD solutions, Creative Labs, Inc. today announced the shipment of its new Creative® PC-DVD(TM) Encore 6x Dxr(TM)3 upgrade kit and the stand-alone Blaster DVD-ROM 6x drive. The Creative PC-DVD Encore 6x Dxr3 is designed for PC users who want to experience the ultimate in PC-DVD technology and performance.

PC-DVD Encore 6x Dxr3 features Creative’s latest decoder card, the successor to the award-winning Dxr2 decoder card. Video quality has been significantly enhanced with this revision, and coupled with the PC-DVD 6x drive offers the ultimate PC-DVD solution. PC-DVD Encore 6X addresses multiple segments of the PC market with the latest DVD technology, including the entertainment enthusiast, home PC user and PC gamer. PC-DVD Encore 6x Dxr3 delivers enormous storage capacity (up to 17 gigabytes of data), enhanced full-motion, full-screen video plus Dolby Digital (AC-3) audio.

“PC-DVD Encore 6X Dxr3 is the latest offering in Creative’s award-winning line of PC-DVD Encore solutions,” said Chris Kukshtel, senior brand manager at Creative. “With Encore’s new Dxr3 card, consumers will experience sharper, cinema-quality DVD video, plus, awesome audio for movies and games.”

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