CONSUMER ALERT! Stay Away from rip-off merchants

We just got information about a certain online retailer who once again makes people believe “Titanic” would find a DVD release on July 15. The company charges people $39.95 for the disc and happily takes preordes for a release that is not existent. Not even the folks at Paramount have made definitve plans as to how a “Titanic” release would be priced, but the operators of this store seem to be one step ahead of them already.

Taking a closer look at the store also reveals that the operators make their visitors believe the “Alien” movies were released on DVD, literally stating “Alien Movies Released on DVD” on their website and happily raking in $21 from its customers for the orders. From my understanding this is actually a clear case of fraud that could be legally pursued.

Our advice here is stay away from any stores who try to make you believe they can legitimately take pre-orders for “Titanic”, “Star Wars” or any other unnannounced title. When these titles will come to DVD you will hear it here first. Until then, stay away from these rip-off merchants!

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