Anime on DVD is flying with sales to be on par with VHS soon, Inc., the leading U.S. distributor of Anime (Japanese animated) videos and DVDs, today announced that it has generated an average 100% monthly sales increase of DVD Anime movies since January 1999. The Company reported that it is fulfilling orders for 500 to 1,000 DVD titles each month.

“The industry shift from video to DVD creates significant new opportunities for to market older Anime films in the new media format,” explained Company CEO Sy Picon. “We are extremely well positioned to capitalize upon this explosive market segment based on our existing distribution agreements with the only U.S. manufacturers of DVD Anime movies.”

The Company reported that approximately 300 Anime movies are currently available on DVD, with three to four additional titles released each month. has distribution agreements with all four of America’s manufacturers servicing the Anime DVD film market. These manufacturers are Pioneer Electronic, A.D. Vision, Central Park Media, and Polygram Entertainment.

“Since it is clear that the DVD industry is truly the wave of the future, we are excited to establish a strong industry presence in this growing Anime sector,” Picon continued. “With continued expansion of the DVD Anime library at such a rapid pace, we expect our DVD sales to be on par with revenues generated from our Anime video line over the next three to four years.”

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