Take a closer look at the entire “Die Hard Trilogy”

On March 9, Fox Home Video will release the complete Die Hard trilogy on DVD. Finally we will be able to witness Bruce Willis“ unintentional, but highly determined, fight against crime and destruction in an office building, an airport and all over New York. We have been able to get you a look at the DVD covers of all three installments in the series as well as the box set. Please click here to see the full front and back cover of Die Hard. If you click here, you can take a look at the front and back of the packaging for Die Hard 2: Die Harder. Clicking here will take you to the cover for Die Hard With A Vengeance and if you click here, you will see the cover of the Die Hard Box Set, containing all three parts of the series.

Although not officially confirmed, it looks like all discs will feature 16×9 enhanced transfers of the films. Also the Alien films announced earlier will supposedly feature brand new 16×9 enhanced widescreen transfers of the films.

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