Some information about Anchor Bay’s “Black Hole”

We just received this press release from Anchor Bay with some additional information regarding their upcoming release of The Black Hole. Although mostly addressing the VHS version, information about the DVD release is included as well.

Anchor Bay Entertainment to Release the Most Ambitious and Controversial Sci-Fi Adventure of All Time to Video!
Academy Award nominated motion picture, The Black Hole, will be available in widescreen and DVD for the first time ever!

TROY, Mich., Feb. 1 — This March, Anchor Bay Entertainment
will release, for the first-time ever in widescreen, DVD and at sell-through,
the 1979 classic sci-fi film, The Black Hole. Celebrating the 20th
anniversary and packed with ground-breaking special effects, The Black Hole
will be available to consumers on March 30, 1999 in three separate VHS
editions: Anniversary Edition, Collector’s Edition and Limited Edition. It
will also be available on DVD 10 for a SRP of $29.98.

Although the idea for the film The Black Hole was conceived long before
the release of Star Wars in 1977, its success provided the final impetus to
bring The Black Hole to life. Nominated for an Academy Award(TM) for its
spectacular special effects, production actually began on October 11, 1978 and
shooting continued for over 120 days. The Black Hole contained over 550
visual effect shots, including 150 matte paintings. For contrast, the
original Star Wars contained just 13 matte paintings. The film used just
about every known mechanical and optical effect available at that time in
order to create the environment of and surrounding the black hole. It was
also the first digitally recorded soundtrack in motion picture history.
The film features an all-star cast including Robert Forster (Jackie
Brown), Anthony Perkins (Psycho), Ernest Borgnine (The Dirty Dozen, Escape
From New York), Maximillian Schell (The Freshman, Stalin, Peter The Great) and
Yvette Mimieux (The Time Machine) as well as the voices of Roddy McDowell (An
Inconvenient Woman, Planet of the Apes) and Slim Pickens (Blazing Saddles, Dr.

The Black Hole Anniversary Edition contains liner-notes and rare artwork
on the reverse side of the cover sleeve. It is packaged in a Galactic Purple
capsule clamshell, presented in full-frame and carries a suggested retail
price of $14.98.

The Black Hole Collector’s Edition introduces the film to home video, for
the first time ever, in widescreen. The cover features the original
theatrical key art and the video is packaged in a deluxe Rocket Red capsule
clamshell. This version also contains liner-notes and rare artwork on the
reverse of the cover sleeve and is priced at $14.98 SRP.

The Black Hole Limited Edition, packaged in a collectible 8“ x 12” x 1
7/8″ tin container, has been digitally restored in its correct aspect ratio
and it features Dolby Surround(R) sound with restored audio and the complete
theatrical overture. The video also highlights the original theatrical
trailer. Also included in the collectible tin are full-size reproductions of
nine original lobby cards and a 48 page book with rare photos and essays, cast
& crew biographies, detailed descriptions of the Academy Award(TM) nominated
special effects written by members of the team who created them, in-depth
written interviews with Director Gary Nelson & Matte Artist Harrison Ellenshaw
and the script of the abandoned alternate ending by Harrison Ellenshaw. The
Black Hole Limited Edition is offered at a suggested retail price of $39.99
and only 10,000 copies will be made.
The DVD version of The Black Hole will feature full-frame and widescreen versions in Dolby Surround(R) 5.1 audio. It will also include the theatrical overture, an extended theatrical trailer and a still gallery.

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