NuTech now tackle Japanese Adult Animation on DVD

NuTech Digital, supplier of a large number of adult DVD releases, is now starting to tread new territory. The company has picked up the publishing and distribution rights for a number of adult anime titles. At a suggested retail price of $29.95, LA Blue Girl is shipping on three separately sold discs, containing two episodes each. The “LA Blue Girl” series are the uncensored adventures of Miko Mido, an 18 year-old ninja-in-training, who is entrusted with the family business – making sure the sex-starved Shikima stays out of humanitiy’s way. Miko and her older sister join forces to investigate and conquer the forces of evil.

NuTech Digital are also releasing two episodes of Venus 5, The Inma Ball and Labyrinth Of The Inma on one disc, as well as two episodes of Twin Angels.

All titles are strictly X-rated and contain Japanese and English soundtracks with optional English subtitles.

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