Exciting film news make the headlines today

Two new exciting feature film announcements just came in today. Jackie Chan has just signed up with New Line Cinema to create a sequel to the $137 mio blockbuster “Rushhour”. The film, tentatively called Nosebleed, will see Chan executive producing and starring as a window cleaner in New York’s World Trade Center. He gets involved with a bartender and waitress when together they try to prevent a supposed attempt by terrorists to bomb the building once again.

In other news, Sweetpea Entertainment and Joel Silver’s Silver Pictures have decided to finally do a Dungeon & Dragons motion picture. Based on the famous pen&paper role-playing license by Wizards Of The Coast/TSR, the film will be a candy for every fantasy afficionado. Directed by Sweetpea president Courtney Solomon, the film with an estimated budget of $28 mio will tell the story of an evil wizard in his attempt to dethrone a young empress because of her belief in equality between classes. To assist her, a common thief and a young sorceress set out to find an ancient artifact that will help them save the kingdom. Maybe the stellar success of the recently released “Advanced Dungeons & Dragons” computer game “Baldur’s Gate” from Interplay Productions has helped spurring the interest in the theme once again, since Solomon optioned the rights to the movie back in 1991 already. No information is available yet whether the film will be set in TSR’s “Forgotten Realms” or the “Dragonlance” universe but we will keep you up to date as new information becomes available.

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