Dreamworks’ second DVD batch sets sail in April

We just got off the phone with Dreamworks Home Video and got information on the upcoming releases of Amistad and Paulie. Originally tentatively scheduled and announced for a February release by the time their first batch hit the streets in December, both discs are now scheduled for a release on April 13. Both discs will be presented in 16×9 enhanced transfers in their original widescreen aspect ratios at a suggested retail price of $29.99.
No news on a release of Saving Private Ryan however. Dreamworks have not decided on a release of Steven Spielberg’s latest masterpiece on any video platform yet. The issue will probably be addressed once the Oscars are over and the dust has settled. According to Dreamworks’ representative, “Small Soldiers, ”Mouse Hunt“ and ”The Peacemaker“ sold in good numbers, pleasing the studio in general. However, Steven Spielberg himself ultimately makes the call whether and when to release films like ”Saving Private Ryan” on DVD. While pleased with the numbers, he still doesn’t seem to be completely happy with the momentum and market penetration DVD has reached so far, to justify the release of his most major films.

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