Disney Home Video becomes quite active in Europe

Disney Home Video is obviously becoming quite active in the European market, releasing its direct-to-video animated features on a monthly basis. Although these direct-to-video titles are not of the same quality as the original films that spawned them, they are still more than we see here at in the US, where “Beauty & The Beast: The Enchanted Christmas” is still the only available animated Disney feature. From the “DVD World Report” comes news that Disney is preparing a full slate of titles for the upcoming months.

According to their sources, March will see the release of “The Lion King II”, followed by “Peter & Elliott”, “Pocahontas 2” in April. May will then have the release of “Aladdin 2” and in June, “Merlin” – the only true animated classic on the list – will hit the shelves, followed by “The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 2” in September.

Although we do not keep track of title releases in Europe, we think this information is quite interesting as it shows what will supposedly happen when Disney and Buena Vista finally give their animated films the green light later this year.

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