Bubblegum Crisis is now coming in Amaray cases, too

If you have been unhappy with the bulky packaging Multimedia 2000 had chosen for the release of the Bubblegum Crisis suite last year, as we had reported earlier already, here now is the announcement that the company has just shipped the discs in Amaray cases. All three discs of the suite are now available in thre individual packages at a suggested retail price of $24.95 each.

The new cases each feature a member of the Knight Sabers; supreme hacker Nene Romanova, combat specialist Linna Yamazaki, and singer/weapons specialist Priss Asagiri each grace a cover. Originally scheduled for a late February release, fan demand caused the date to be moved up.

Bubblegum Crisis is the story of the Knight Sabers in the post-apocalyptic world of MegaTokyo 2032. The Knight Sabers are a team of four women with remarkable combat and
technical skills — not to mention technologically advanced armored Hardsuits. Their goal is to keep Genom, already the most powerful corporation on the planet thanks to their robot
Boomers, from realizing their evil goals of world domination.

Bubblegum Crisis DVD Volume One contains the first three episodes in the series: Tinsel City, Born to Kill, and Blow Up. In these episodes we are introduced to the Knight Sabers“
world and their battles, especially those against evil Genom executive Brian Mason. Can the Knight Sabers keep Mason from creating a team of SuperBoomers, the ultimate weapon?

Bubblegum Crisis DVD Volume Two features the next three episodes: Revenge Road, Moonlight Rambler and Red Eyes. In Red Eyes we watch as the Knight Sabers try to learn the
secrets of the Griffon, a mysterious black car which hunts biker gang members. Moonlight Rambler opens with five young women and their unsuccessful attempt to escape from a space
station. What is the purpose of the station, and it is connected with the “vampires”“ which have become the talk of MegaTokyo? Red Eyes follows the story of a Knight Sabers team
which has turned towards evil — or maybe it’s just the work of Largo and his Boomer impostors.

Bubblegum Crisis DVD Volume Three features the final two episodes in the series: Double Vision and Scoop Chase. Double Vision stars the mysterious Vision, a popular American
singer ending a year-long sabbatical in MegaTokyo. What is Vision’s secret, and what does she know about the deadly machine which is killing Genom engineers? Scoop Chase follows
aspiring reporter Lisa Vanette as she tries to uncover the Knight Sabers” secret identities. What better way than with the help of her uncle, the chief of MegaTokyo’s AD Police? As an
added bonus, Volume Three features four music videos starring the series’ Priss and the Replicants.

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