We have the cover for the TITANIC DVD!!!

Although many were hesitant to believe that Titanic is really making
it to DVD sometime soon, more and more information about the release constantly
trickles into our offices, and finally we have also been able to uncover visual
evidence for this highly anticipated disc!

To the left you can see what is supposedly the jewelcase inlay cover for the
film’s release in region 4 (which is Australia, Middle-, and South-America).
We have found this image at DVD World
, a French site that can hardly await the film’s official
announcement in Europe’s region 2. We have not been able to confirm the legitimacy
of this cover, and it might as well just be the image from a bootleg version
of the film that is floating around. No official release date for the release in any region has been
announced at this point, but this printed sleeve could be proof that
Paramount and Fox are indeed getting ready to ship their hottest property
ever on DVD any time soon. Of course, we will keep you posted as soon as
more news comes in.

Please click on the image to the left to take a look at the front and the back
of “Titanic’s” cover.

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