Vivid further further expand content on their releases

Vivid Interactive has long been pushing the envelope with the DVD releases of their adult oriented material. Vivid has made it a standard a long time ago to release all their titles with multiple angle support and added value in the form of additional trailers, previews, footage, games, and more. Some time ago they introduced their 3 dimensional “Virtual Reality” menu screens which allow you to walk through a virtual world to select the menu entries.

Now, Vivid is once again leading the pack with their latest announcement. Beginning with the blockbuster title Original Sin, starring Racquel Darrian, all new Vivid DVD productions will be double-sided DVD-10s allowing for over 4 hours of video erotica! On Side 1 of all discs you will find the usual menu of Vivid offerings including the main feature with 4 true multiple camera angles, the Virtual Reality environments, “Meet the Girls”, and other rotating bonus features. On the flipside of the discs you will now find a whole new world of digital delights! Bonus features on this side may include previews, best of the best and other exciting footage, loads of bloopers and outtakes, first person sex experiences featuring the Vivid Girls, Vivid vignettes, and much more.

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