The Bond war rages on

As many of you know, MGM and Sony Pictures have been fighting over the rights
of the James Bond film franchise for quite a while. Although the war slowed down
in recent months due to a court’s decision in favor of MGM last July, the battle is now
raging on again, according to Daily Variety reporter Janet Shprintz.

According to her report in today’s issue, both
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and Sony Pictures Entertainment filed motions for summary
judgment Monday in their lawsuit over the right to make James Bond films.

Both companies believe to have rights in creating Bond films due to finicky
contractual issues and people moving from one studio to another and neither
side wants to back off for obvious reasons. Although it is highly likely that
MGM will win the suit and remain sole owner of all James Bond filmed copyrights
and trademarks, Sony still seeks to knock out MGM’s claims that it is entitled to
damages. A new hearing on the motions is scheduled for March 1, and a trial
date of March 23 has been set.

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