Second Sterling Millenium Special Edition is on the way

Sterling Home Entertainment have just sent us details about the second release in their new “Millenium Series” of Special Editions. Brian Yuzna’s The Progeny will be the next installment of their newly established series to hit retail on March 30.

Written by Stuart Gordon, with special effects by Screaming Mad George, “The Progeny” is a shocking cross between Rosemary’s Baby and Alien. After hoping and praying for a baby, Craig’s and Sherry’s dream finally comes true, but they soon discover that their baby is not of this world. Fearing the worst, Craig teams up with an alien abduction expert to unravel the truth. Through hypnosis they discover in horrific detail that Sherry was impregnated by aliens.

Featuring the film’s widescreen presentation, the disc will also contain an audio commentary, detailed production notes, cast & crew interviews and bios and a theatrical trailer as well as enhanced DVD-ROM content, such as the film’s entire screenplay, exclusive stories from actual alien abductees, trivia games and more.

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