Joe Kane to focus solely on Joe Kane Productions

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 4 — Joe Kane Productions announces
that effective immediately Mr. Kane is no longer associated with the Image
Science Foundation (ISF).

All of Mr. Kane’s professional activities shall henceforth be conducted
under Joe Kane Productions. Larry B. Stevenson has been appointed President
of Joe Kane Productions. Mr. Kane will continue as its Chief Executive
Officer. Joe Kane Productions has been in business since 1982, and will
continue with Dealer Training, Product Quality Certification, Industry
Consulting, and Video Program Production in addition to addressing many
growing market areas.

Mr. Kane is recognized as the first and foremost authority in electronic
imaging. His DVD production of Video Essentials is among that format’s
highest selling titles. Mr. Kane is a leading influence in the positive
picture quality evolution in the Home Theater market. He has done this by
assisting the creative community in producing consistently higher quality
program material, working with signal processing and display device
manufacturers to provide consumers with better products, and most importantly,
he has worked directly with consumers in creating the demand and market for
better quality.

The rapid expansion of DVD and the future of DTV have significantly
increased the demand for the services provided by Joe Kane Productions. The
company is dedicated to the belief that widespread consumer education is the
most important tool in making any new media valuable to the consumer.

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