Here are sources to obtain “The Stormriders”

Many of you have written to us, trying to find out where they could obtain copies of the Hong Kong film The Stormriders we just reviewed. Because it is a foreign release, regular DVD stores do not carry the title. Although not released in the US, it is not a problem to watch the disc here in the US. The disc is not region coded and can be played on any player. To make it easier for you to find copies of this disc, here are links to two stores that carry the title and currently have it in stock.
One of them is Five Star Laser in San Gabriel, California. Their website hasn’t been updated in a while so you will still find this title in their “Upcoming Titles” section. The other store where you can get copies of “The Stormriders” is Blue Laser. Their website is a bit shaky and slow-loading, but they have a huge selection of Hong Kong discs.
Please stop by these websites if you are searching for a copy of “The Stormriders” and take a look at their program. There are certainly a lot of other films as well you might want to take a look at. If you order through any of these companies, it would be great if you could let them know that we referred you to their pages.

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