Finally… “Titanic” is set to sink its teeth into DVD

After months of uncertainty and speculation, finally official word has come
from Paramount and Fox executives. James Cameron’s mega-blockbuster
Titanic is scheduled for release on DVD after all!

“Titanic” has pretty much broken every single record there was in the
movie industry, having generated revenue in extend of $3.2 billion dollars.
That is correct, including world-wide video rights, soundtrack sales, licensing fees, etc.
the film has grossed a phenomenal amount of money, raking in $500 million
in domestic video sales alone at retail!

While movie theaters and video owners have been spoiled by the success of James
Cameron’s latest effort, DVD owners had so far been left in the cold.
Now, Fox and Paramount have finally set their sight on DVD, and confirmed
plans to release the film on the latest home video format later this year.
Although no exact release date has been announced yet, this announcement
should finally put an end to the specualtions whether the film will find a
release on DVD at all.

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