DVD Empire and Huppins shag up for wider selection

“DVD Empire”, one of the Internet’s leading retailers for DVD has just announced
a partnership with electronics retailer Huppins. “DVD Empire” will become the
sales arm for Huppins“ DVD and DVD-ROM program, while Huppins” will give
“DVD Empire” customers access to their full HiFi, Photo & Video and DVD hardware
through the company’s Internet sales arm “OneCall”.

Beginning this month all Huppins online customers who click the “OneCall” DVD
link will be transferred to “DVD Empire”.

At a stroke the deal enables Huppins
to multiply its inventory of 400 DVD titles seven-fold to 2,800–all the DVD
titles now in print.

In addition “DVD Empire” will take over all the warehousing and order
fulfillment which Huppins has done up to now for “OneCall” DVD customers.
In return, “OneCall” will be linked to “DVD Empire” as the latter’s exclusive
electronics hardware partner.

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