Chucky’s back and here’s a look at the cover

Universal Home Video will release “Child’s Play 2” as part of their March
DVD slate. Hitting the streets on March 16, “Child’s Play 2” is the second
installment in the highly successful series of films about Chucky, the “Good Guy” killer

In this chapter, the notorious doll with the satanic smile comes back
to life. It depicts the terrifying struggle between young Andy Barclay and the
demonic doll attempting to possess his soul.

Despite being roasted to a crisp in his last escapade, Chucky rises from the
ashes after being reconstructed by a toy factory and tracks down his prey to
a foster home where the chase begins in this fiendishly clever sequel.

“Child’s Play 2” will be released in an anamorpihc widescreen version, including
English and French Dolby Surround soundtracks and subtitles. Later in the month
then, Universal will also reveal the latest installment in the
“Child’s Play” series for the first time on video. Get ready when “Bride Of
Chucky” hits the streets on March 23!

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