Blade slashes through the market and sets new record

New Line Home Video just reported the phenomenal success of their release of
Blade on DVD. The disc, featuring Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff and Udo Kier
has reportedly broken all exisiting sales records for DVD, having sold more
discs in a single week than any other disc out there.

The film tells the story of a lone vampire slayer, who means business!
Snipes stars as the titular Blade, a tortured soul that possesses amazing powers. And,
it’s a good thing, because he’s going to need those powers after the
Immortals’ lord (Stephen Dorff) declares war on the human race. Blade’s fight
for humanity features high-tech weaponry, intense fight sequences, and
amazing special effects!

The DVD, part of New Line’s Platinum Series, also contains a huge
amount of supplements, including alternate endings, deleted scenes, audio
commentaries, featurettes, and much, much more.

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