“Armageddon” shakes DVD Express to its foundations

Internet’s largest video retailer, today reported that Buena Vista’s
“Armageddon” DVD surpassed the 10,000 unit sales mark and did so on its first
day of release.

DVD EXPRESS reported pre-order sales for “Armageddon,” which hit the
streets on January 5, totaled 8,000 units and that first-day sales of the
title reached 2,000 units. Most “brick and mortar” stores are not expected to
reach the 10,000 unit milestone until the weekend. Pre-orders for the highly
anticipated DVD title also helped fuel a multi-million dollar Holiday Season
in overall sales at DVD EXPRESS, it was announced.

“We’re pleased to have generated such strong sales figures and to be a key
hub of excitement for the “Armageddon” DVD,” said Michael Dubelko, president
and founder of DVD EXPRESS. “The immediate gratification that big budget
action-adventure films like “Armageddon” provide to the home entertainment
experience are helping to crest the DVD wave. With these releases, the
quality differences in viewing over VHS become quite pronounced. Such
releases are in fact, pointing to an “”Armageddon“” of sorts for the VHS

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