You gotta try this – Dialectizer is a riot!

We just came across a page on the Internet that is the coolest thing we have seen in
ages. It is called Dialectizer and it translates text or websites into a number
of selectable dialects, from Redneck over Elmer Fudd to Swedish Cook and more.

Just type in a text snippet you want translated, or enter the URL you want translated and off you go. From there on,
Dialectizer will customize your text output with these incredible, hilarious dialects. Click here and check out the Dialectizer.

Yuoo dun’t beleefe-a me-a, try tu feegoore-a thees oone-a oooot und I em soore-a yuoo’ll hefe-a guud loogh. It is oonly oone-a ooff zee deeelects “Deeelectize-a” cun creete-a fur yuu.
Hurty flurty schnipp schnipp!

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