Toho revive Godzilla in response to fans’ disappointment

Daily Variety reports today that Japanese film studio Toho, owner of the Godzilla copyrights,
has just announced plans to revive “their” Godzilla in Godzilla Millenium, due for
release in theaters over the 1999-2000 Holidays in Japan. The film will be the 23rd
installment since the first “Godzilla” movie came out in 1954.

Although Sony Pictures asked Toho not to make their own version of Godzilla, but the
disappointment of many Godzilla fans over Roland Emmerich’s americanized incarnation of the
fabulous monster, caused Toho to dust off the well-known rubber suit and have “Gojira”
stomp through dowtown Tokyo once again. “We do not
want to lose the die-hard “Godzilla” fans”, a Toho spokesperson reportedly commented the move.

Although Columbia’s “Godzilla” had a great opening in Japan, the film quickly lost speed
and tumbled after taking in $42 million at the box office.

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