This is easy to chew on – Bubblegum Crisis flies off the shelves

Multimedia 2000 just informed us that their Bubblegum Crisis DVD Suite
has already sold all of its initial print run in its first three weeks, making
the title a huge success. According to spokesperson of licensor AnimEigo, no one expected
this kind of success of this particular title, as the DVD version completely outpaces sales
on VHS and Laserdisc. Distributors and retailers are excited about the title’s
success alike as the Bubblegum Crisis is seemingly flying off the shelves
faster than they can re-stock.

A number of customers have complained about the Bubblegum Crisis“ strange packaging, that
resembles more that of a computer game than a DVD Video release. As a direct
result, Multimedia 2000 have just announced the release of the DVD suite in a standard DVD
packaging on Januray 18. It will come in three separate cases, each containing
one of the three-disc suite’s discs. Each one will feature a different cover shot
of a Knight Sabers member; Nene Romanova, Linna Yamazaki and Priss Asagiri.
Originally scheduled for a February release, the high demand caused the date to
be moved up a month.

Given the overwhelming response to the suite, Multimedia 2000 is now also
considering the release of the ”“Hurricane Live”“ videos in a separate release.
The Hurricane Live videos were created from the music and images of Bubblegum
Crisis, featuring the sounds of ”“Priss and the Replicants.”’ The decision on
whether to produce the Hurricane Live DVD will be based on fan interest;
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