“Rambo” Trilogy is coming to DVD as a box set

Artisan Entertainment are releasing all three parts of the “Rambo” trilogy in a
new box set on December 15. The set will contain all three discs, just as they
have been released about a month ago in one package.

Numerous sources around the Internet have been quoting a dramatic $34.95
suggested retail price for this box set however, which is unfortunately not correct.
“The discs will be released at their equivalent of the single discs at $24.95 each,
which brings the price to roughly $75. There will be no special discount for the
box set”, Artisan Entertainment’s president Jeff Fink told “DVD Review” today.
A such aggressively priced box set would have clearly cannibalized sales of the
regular editions of the discs and would also, no doubt, have caused unnecessary
anger at retail level.

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