Polygram cancel all announced titles

We had informed you earlier already that Polygram had sold almost its entire
film library to MGM earlier this year. We also informed you that as a result their
announced DVD releases are somewhat in limbo and subject to the details of the
final agreement between the two studios.

Sadly, today we have learned that Polygram have cancelled their entire list of
DVD releases for 1999. The titles are now under MGM’s ruling and as such might
be made available through MGM or a joint venture at a later date. The list includes, among others, titles such
as Amos And Andrew, The Sure Thing, Salvador, At Close Range, Barb Wire, Bat 21,
Blue Velvet, A Chorus Line, River’s Edge, City Slickers, Double Impact,
Escape From New York, Honeymoon In Vegas, Hoosiers,
Lion In Winter, The Name Of The Rose, Valley Girl,
Platoon, The Princess Bride, The Producers,
Romeo Is Bleeding, The Last Seduction, Snow White: A Tale Of Terror,
This Is Spinal Tapand When Harry Met Sally.

Of course we will keep you updated if these titles are re-scheduled for release.

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