Polygram are eyeing Special Editions, but at a price

Polygram Home Video are planning to release a number of films in 1999 on DVD in
Special Editions, with plenty of in-depth supplemental material. The line will come under a new
banner, which has not been disclosed as of yet, that will reflect Polygram’s new relationship with MGM. Currently seven titles
are in the talks for a re-release as Special Editions next year, including
“The Usual Suspects”, “The Graduate” and “Fargo”.

Polygram are likely to take the high road on these add-value packages however,
obviously selecting films with a fervent following and clearly targetting them
at true filmbuffs. When these titles go on sale at an unheard-of $49.95 price
tag – a new maximum price mark for DVD releases – it is immediately clear, that
these releases are not targetted at the average consumer. Polygram consciously
cuts out a big portion of the market with this pricing strategy in order to
deliver in-depth material to enthusiastic and anxious film fans.

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