Platinum Freddy will give you Nightmares on Elm Street

We have learned from New Line Home Video that elaborate plans are
afoot to bring the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series to DVD, most likely
in 1999. The precise release date is uncertain right now because the DVDs
will be tied to the release of the upcoming feature film Freddy Versus Jason
(tentative title, also known as A Nightmare on Friday the 13th). The film,
which pits Freddy Krueger against Jason of the Friday the 13th series, is
directed by makeup effects master Rob Bottin (The Thing, Robocop), stars
Robert Englund and Kane Hodder, and goes into production in early 1999.
This could make it a Fall release for New Line, which means we could see the
DVDs this time next year.

As for the DVDs, New Line’s Mike Mulvihill says they will get “very special
treatment. We regard Freddy Krueger as our Mickey Mouse, and we want to
make sure these DVDs get the respect they’re due. They are by far our most
requested titles, so we want to do it right and do something progressive
with the series. We’re getting all the elements straight and getting ready
to completely remaster them. It will be state of the art. As for the
extras, the wheels are turning and we’re brainstorming. We obviously have a
wish list of things we’d want, and we’re in touch with all the major talent
involved in the series. More than that I can’t say yet.”

It’s uncertain at this point whether these will be branded as “Platinum
Series” titles or not, but it is fair to expect a load of extras regardless,
including commentary tracks, behind-the-scenes material, and DVD-ROM

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