Palm Pictures and Rykodisc release 5 music-related DVDs in January

Palm Pictures, in conjunction with Rykodisc, will be releasing five
music-oriented DVDs to in-store January 26th. Ryko Distribution Partners will
be distributing these DVDs to retail.

Three of these titles are DVD “singles” geared towards the music fan – two
song/video, feature-packed DVDs for the affordable list price of $7.98, from
musical artists Mickey Hart, Jamaican studio icons Sly and Robbie, and New
York electronic artist Mocean Worker. The DVD single ventures beyond the CD
single in that it offers visuals in addition to the audio tracks — a
technology that can be played on home systems, as well as DVD-ready computers.

The other two titles are long form DVDs, Hommage A Noir and Strip To The Bone
(music by Sly and Robbie) both $19.95 list price. Hommage A Noir is Ralf
Schmerberg’s award winning documentary, a beautiful journey through the
African continent, a living black and white photo gallery accompanied by a
stunning ambient electronic score. Strip To The Bone is a long-form DVD
pairing Sly and Robbie’s “rhythm and space” music with visuals of some of Los
Angeles’ hottest exotic dancers.

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