Mardi Gras turns into the “Carnival Of Souls”

Just in time for Mardi Gras in February, Trimark Home Video will release
Carnival Of Souls on DVD. Also known as “Wes Craven presents “Carnival Of
Souls””, the film is a remake of the chilling 1962 black & white Herk Harvey
thriller by the same name. Although not exactly a Wes Craven film – he executive
produced it, like he did “Wishmaster” – the film will definitely benefit from
Craven’s recent success of his “Scream” movies. Directed and written by Adam
Grossman, Carnival Of Souls is a horror thriller about a woman who has had
recurring nightmares of her mother’s death since her brutal demise twenty years
earlier. Larry Miller will play the sinister clown tormenting her soul, while
Sidney Berger, who starred in the original, also makes a cameo in this version
of the film.

Trimark Home Video will release Carnival Of Souls on February 23 in 16×9
enhanced version with a Dolby Surround soundtrack. The disc will contain
English, French and Spanish subtitles as well as the film’s trailer.

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