Macrovision to Copy Protect Fox DVDs

As was to be expected, we just received the following announcement from
Macrovision, stating that Fox will use Macrovision’s copy protection
technology for their DVD releases.

SUNNYVALE, CA (December 15, 1998)-Macrovision Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN)
announced today that Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has signed a
one-year agreement to copy protect all of its DVDs produced in the US and
Canada. Fox will also use the triangular “CP” (copy protection) logo in a
substantial number of its trade advertisements to inform video retailers its
DVDs are copy protected.

“We are pleased that Twentieth Century Fox has taken this important step to
protect its DVD releases from unauthorized copying,” said Bill Krepick,
president and COO of Macrovision Corporation. “We look forward to working
with Fox to help ensure strong demand for its full line of DVD titles.”

Fox recently released eight of its popular titles to the DVD market:
“Speed,” “Young Frankenstein,” “Porky’s,” “Predator,” “Jingle All The Way,”
“Marked For Death,” “Home Alone 3,” and “Hope Floats.”

“Protecting our film assets in this digital age is a number one priority for
Fox,” noted Pat Wyatt, president of Fox Consumer Products. “The fact that
each DVD is, in essence, a digital master of the film, Macrovision’s copy
protection gives us some peace of mind as we move forward with our digital
business plans.”

Macrovision’s DVD copy protection is designed to prevent unauthorized
copying of DVD programming to VCRs without impacting the original picture.
It is now used on most DVDs being released and is the only technology of its
kind that is currently available to protect against unauthorized copying to
VCRs. DVD copy protection was introduced in 1997 and has been utilized on
over 75 percent of all DVDs produced in the past year-more than 15 million
DVDs in total.

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