ExtremeDVD takes your standard TV Set to the extreme

Information came in on yet another “hot” technology that will supposedly
revolutionize our living rooms, but in our opinion, it sounds quite frankly
just as pointless as Divx, trying to cash in on a changing market. But read for yourself…

NetTV announced a low-cost way to turn your TV into a powerful multifunctional
digital entertainment system. ExtremeDVD has added Tri-linear
filtering as a means of dramatically reducing flicker and dot-crawl when
used with a
standard television for greatly enhanced picture quality.

NetTV president Ron Perkes explains why ExtremeDVD–with prices starting
under $1,000–is so compelling. “We are catering to the 100 million
that have standard televisions and want the highest quality digital
entertainment. ExtremeDVD is a powerful Pentium II digital entertainment
system combining the
best that DVD, Internet, CD-ROM, 3-D video games, Dolby Digital audio and
Windows applications provide. This is not another limited function Internet
or set-top box. It’s the finest digital home entertainment system

“Why have a separate $400 DVD player, $150 game console, and $300
Internet set-top box when you can have all of these capabilities and much
more in an
integrated, multifunctional digital entertainment system? The value of
ExtremeDVD is tremendous,” says Perkes. “State-of-the-art DVD Playback is
only the
beginning. 3-D Games look and sound better giving you a true arcade
experience. You have full Internet capabilities whether you’re using
Netscape, Explorer,
AOL or Prodigy. You can play DVD and CD-ROMs with interactive features
including popular education titles that don’t run on standard DVD players.
This is
the entertainment system for the digital age that the whole family can agree

ExtremeDVD systems range from under $1,000 to $3,000. System
capabilities include DVD, DVD-ROM, Intel Pentium II processor, 3D sound, 3D
NetTV’s UltraDVD(tm) decoder, Dolby Digital(tm) 6-channel sound including
LFE (low frequency effects), Dolby Prologic(tm), wireless keyboard,
remote control, expansion capability, hi-speed hard-drives, Windows98(tm)
and a choice of 56K modem or high-speed network adapter. In addition to
full-blown Internet applications, thousands of other standard software
applications can also be run on ExtremeDVD.

“ExtremeDVD is friendly enough to share the same room with your couch”
explains NetTV director of Marketing Michael Carrier. “ExtremeDVD looks like
sleek VCR but it’s powered by an Intel Pentium II processor. You won’t mind
keeping our wireless keyboard on your coffee table after you start exploring
the full
capabilities of ExtremeDVD.”

Mid range and high end models of ExtremeDVD can be upgraded so you can
watch Digital TV/HDTV broadcasts on your existing television without having
buy an expensive HDTV decoder. This helps preserve consumer investment in
standard television equipment.

NetTV has a low-cost solution when you are ready to upgrade from your
standard television to Digital TV/HDTV. NetTV’s 29-inch, 34-inch and 38-inch
XGA and SVGA Digital Televisions display a hi-resolution picture capable of
up to five times the clarity and image stability of a standard television
enhancing the functions of ExtremeDVD. In addition to direct input from
ExtremeDVD, NetTV’s PC+TV(tm) Monitors have inputs for standard desktops and
laptops, VCRs, cable systems, standard video, and digital video equipment.
“With the NetTV solution, you can upgrade in stages or you can simply
buy the best complete digital entertainment system on the market today at
prices starting under $2,000” suggests Perkes.

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