DVD sales are “Lethal” for Warner Brothers and other publishers

Recently Warner Home Video released this summer’s action hit “Lethal Weapon 4” on home video formats with sales and rentals
flying over the first week. According to VSDA VidTrac. Rental revenue on the Warner Home Video title was nearly double that of
Buena Vista Home Video’s “Six Days Seven Nights, ” which generated $4.39 million in its second week of release.

While VHS rentals were great, DVD sales were exceedingly good as well for Warner’s latest release. As “The Hollywood Reporter”
indicates, DVD software sales jumped 44% over the prior record-setting week. According to VideoScan tracking service, sales for the
week ending December 20 catapulted to 536,000 units from 304,000. And those figures represent fewer than 80% of the entire
DVD retail market as covered by VideoScan. Warner Home Video’s new release of the Mel Gibson starrer “Lethal Weapon 4” led the
way with the biggest first week of sales ever for the nearly 2-year-old format.

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