New Line strikes first with yet another Jackie Chan release

Jackie Chan fans will have another reason to celebrate in January. To
coincide with the release of Rush Hour, New Line will also publish the DVD
version of Jackie Chan’s First Strike, according to New Line Executive
Director of Home Video Production and DVD Development Michael Mulvihill.
The format will be the same as the other New Line Jackie features — Mr. Nice
Guy and Rumble in the Bronx — with a simple presentation featuring the
widescreen and pan and scan versions, chapter stops, trailers, and Jackie’s

First Strike (original title: Jing cha gu shi IV: Jian dan ren wu) was the
fourth and last installment in the Police Story series. Directed by Stanley
Tong, the story revolves around Jackie’s “supercop” character attempting
retrieve a nuclear warhead, and includes a show-stopping fight sequence with
a ladder.

New Line recently released the original Police Story on tape, but Mulvihill
explained that it won’t be coming to DVD in the near future: “Right now we’
re concentrating on bringing our theatrical releases to DVD, and Police
Story didn’t have a theatrical release. As we start working on our catalog
titles, that will be one we do, but it’s not scheduled right now.” Supercop
(Police Story III) is already on DVD from Buena Vista. Police Story II is
unavailable in America.

We promise to bring you more exciting information regarding New Line’s DVD
plans when Michael Mulvihill is taking the DVD Review Hotseat in the upcoming
weeks. So, keep your eyes open!

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