LucasFilm and Fox guard “Star Wars” poster

Although it is not DVD related, the following is quite funny, although absolutely understandable in the light of hype and expectation anything Star Wars related is seeing these days.

Variety today reports that Fox has had the movie posters printed for the upcoming “Star Wars – The Phantom Menace” last week.
However, Fox and LucasFilm did not want to take any chances and had representatives standing next to the printing presses at all time while the posters were printed – for two reasons.
First of all, the companies wanted to ensure the superior quality of the prints, literally taking a look at every single poster, immediately destroying the ones not meeting their high quality standards.
The second reason was to make sure, that no extras were taken home by employees of Kater Litho in Los Angeles, the company printing the posters.

According to Variety’s report, the one-sheet shows the mage of a young man in a desert,
and was done in a special five-color process to avoid counterfeiting. The poster can
be seen in theaters by November 20, the same day the film’s two-minute trailer begins screening.

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