Jingle Babies are coming to DVD

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Nov. 12 — Just in time for the
Jingle Cats Music announces the birth of a new video and DVD in stores
nationwide entitled Jingle Babies. The rollicking 40-minute video and DVD
feature the voices and playful antics of real babies performing on 12
holiday songs — including such all-time favorites as “Silent Night,”
Bells,” “Oh Christmas Tree,” “What Child is This?,” “Carol of the Bells,”
“Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies”.

The adorable babies sing and dance, enchanting baby viewers. Scenes
include baby angels floating on stars, babies gathered around Christmas
oversized babies dancing in snowy mountains, babies riding colorful flying
ponies on a magic merry-go-round, small babies in oversized flowers and
dancing babies inside snow bubbles. Over one year in incubation, the new video and DVD feature twelve songs
from the Jingle Babies hit CD and Cassette, “Rockabye Christmas,” which was
first released last year.

What makes Jingle Babies unique is the fact that each of the more than
individual real baby sounds have been recorded and carefully constructed
holiday melodies. Playful accompaniment includes sounds of baby toys,
instruments and orchestral music. The enchanting and hilarious result is a
collection of unique tunes, sung by real babies — sure to warm the heart of
Scrooge himself.

“The auditions were grueling,” says producer Mike Spalla. “It was
crying in stereo for ten hours straight.”
Spalla did, however, manage to find 27 golden throated potty chair
Pavarottis. “The variation and range of sounds the babies made was
astonishing and surprisingly musical. Three of them had very sustained
harmonic wahs. One baby made a cranky staccato-like cry. Another had
advanced melodic ideas. Others made useful “la” and “boop” sounds. I mixed
all kinds of crying, hiccups, giggles, burps and laughs.”

The new releases are from Jingle Cats Music whose previous hits include
the million selling albums Jingle Cats and Jingle Dogs.
The Jingle Babies DVD has sophisticated state-of-the-art interactivity
including additional features such as learning tools, baby watching,
select-a-baby, build-a-baby and behind-the-scenes footage of the making of
Jingle Babies video and DVD.

Whether on video or on DVD, the Jingle Babies are a bundle of joy for
babies and their families this holiday season. The price for the video is
$19.98 and the DVD is $25.98. To order directly, contact Jingle Cats Music
(800) 962-7228.

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