DVD version of Bubblegum Crisis finally released

After months of delay and anticipation, Anime fans can finally take a deep breath. The Bubblegum Crisis
DVD Suite has found its way into the stores at last, as Mutlimedia 200, publisher
of the product, just told us.
The Bubblegum Crisis DVD Suite consists of eight Japanese anime videos on
three DVDs, by a licensing arrangement with AnimEigo, Inc.

In 2032 A.D., the city of MegaTokyo rises from the rubble of a devastating
earthquake. Through the twisted canyons of the megapolis the Knight Sabers,
a shadowy band of high-tech
mercenaries, fight the evil GENOM Corporation and its“ sinister androids,
the Boomers. Follow the private war between the Knight Sabers and GENOM in
the Bubblegum Crisis DVD Suite.

“Bubblegum Crisis DVD Suite is feature rich, sure to please fans and
newcomers alike. Dolby AC-3 audio, crystal-clear sound and the MPEG-2 video
rivals the D2 masters. As if that
weren’t enough, we’ve added great features to explore. I hope everyone
enjoys it as much as I do”“, said Leroy Radford, DVD Producer for Bubblegum

The three-disc Bubblegum Crisis DVD Suite is available from consumer
electronics and software retailers with a suggested retail price of $59.95,
or by ordering directly from Multimedia
2000 at 206/622-5530 or www.m-2k.com.

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