Digital Leisure finally releases Dragon’s Lair DVD-Video

After a seemingly endless array of postponements, Digital Leisure has finally
released its DVD Video version of “Dragon’s Lair”, an arcade game that heavily
relies on animated film footage. Here’s Digital Leisure’s official release announcement for you.

One of the Best-Selling Arcade Games of All Time
Now Available for DVD movie players

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada – November 6, 1998 — Until now, most people were
under the impression that their DVD movie player was designed to only play
movies. But Digital Leisure has added a whole new dimension to the DVD

Digital Leisure today announced the release of the first fully interactive
game, the arcade smash Dragon’s Lair, for DVD movie players. As the first
animated video game in history, Dragon’s Lair features non-stop video
action. Using the remote control from the DVD movie player, game enthusiasts
can guide Dirk the Daring, a valiant knight, through the enchanted castle of
an evil wizard encountering treacherous monsters and obstacles until he
reaches the final confrontation with the evil dragon Singe in the Dragon’s

Dragon’s Lair, the classic laser-disc based arcade game, features
spectacular quality animation created by Don Bluth, a former Disney animator
famous for his work on An American Tail, The Land Before Time and he also
co-directed the more recent blockbuster Anastasia. In addition to the fully
playable game, the Dragon’s Lair DVD-Video release contains exclusive
interviews with Bluth and Rick Dyer, co-creator and designer of the game. A
special “Watch” option allows players to view the entire game without
requiring moves on the DVD remote.

Dragon’s Lair redefined the gaming industry in the 1980s, is one of three
games in the Smithsonian Institute (the other two being Pac Man and Pong)
and has sold well over 1,000,000 units on home computer and video game

“People will be amazed when they see what can be done with DVD,” Elizabeth
Foster, president of Digital Leisure said. “Many DVD-Video owners don’t
realize the hidden capabilities that are built into their machines. Dragon’
s Lair, possibly the most complex DVD-Video title authored to date, makes
use of real-time decision making and user input to determine the flow of the
game. Add this to the exceptional video and audio qualities of DVD and
Dragon’s Lair will surely raise the standard of customer expectations.”

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