At last, Cameron talks about the “Titanic” DVD

Our reader Spero Drikas was kind enough to send us the link to an article in the Houston Chronicle, in which “Titanic” director James Cameron talks about his future plans and upcoming projects.
One part is particularly interesting, as Cameron touches on the DVD version of Titanic. The article quotes Paramount execs as saying, “the release of Titanic on DVD is inevitable”.
Whether they say so with a good or bad notion remains to be determined, but Cameron himself balks quite extensively and enthusiastically about DVD’s possibilities and limitations.
State of the affair seems to be that “Titanic” is currently in the authoring
stage. It is unclear from the article, however why “Titanic” is anticipated to come on two discs,
when a dual layer DVD could just as well serve the purpose and host the 194
minutes of the film on a single side. In time we will find out about that, as maybe
it refers to the fact that Cameron wants to have both the pan&scan and widescreen
version available on the same disc. With that in mind, not even a dual layered disc will
be able to hold all the content.

Check out the article yourself, if you may. Although it does not contain anything
really substantial or newsbreaking, it is a good read and absoultely reassuring that once again, it is only a matter of time until we see “Titanic” on DVD.

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